1. Wagner L., Martínez-de-Albéniz V. Pricing and Assortment Strategies with Product Exchanges, forthcoming in Operations Research.

2. Wagner, L., Gürbüz, M. C., & Parlar, M. 2019. Is it fake? Using potentially low quality suppliers as back-up when genuine suppliers are unavailable. International Journal of Production Economics, 213, 185-200.

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4. Wagner L., Pinto C., Amorim P. On the Value of Subscription Models for Online Grocery Retail. forthcoming in European Journal of Operational Research

Papers under Review

Working Papers

1. Wagner L., Gürbüz M. Ç. and Parlar M. Optimal Procurement Policies from Genuine and Potentially Counterfeit Goods: The Value of Adopting Track-and-Trace System, working paper.

2. Wagner L., Gürbüz M. Ç. and Parlar M. Public versus Private Disclosure of Counterfeit Goods, working paper.

Honors and Awards

1. Second Place (Honorable Mention) of 2019 MSOM Practice-Based Paper Competition: Disclosing Product Availability in Online Retail

2. Best PhD Project Award, for paper "Optimal Procurement Policy from Genuine and Potential Counterfeit Goods", awarded by ICORES 2014 Conference.